Young Professionals of Vacaville Presents
How COVID Stole Christmas

Twas the year 2020 and all started well, ‘til Covie the Elf appeared and turned it to hell! He stole all the toilet paper and meat from the shelves and gave it to all of his evil Covie elves.


He closed the schools and churches too, then restaurants and movies and all our fun flew! Just when the people of Vacaville thought, “maybe we are getting a break from the crap Covie brought?” Covie struck down with fires and fears and wiped all our hopes away with our tears!


As Christmas approached the people grew weary. How could they ever make Christmas feel cheery? The good people of YPV came together to say, enough with this madness, we will find our own way! And they tried and tried with all of their might, to turn things around and make Christmas right! No Covie would stop them from bringing great joy to all the little girls and all the little boys.


They called up their neighbors and business friends to bring all of Covie’s sadness to an end. From food to music and goodies all around, the donations poured in from all over town! A beautiful tree with presents aplenty came into fruition and saved 2020!


And what happened then? Well in Vacaville they say, Covie’s small heart grew three sizes that day!


Total Value


Take a ride down Downtown Vacaville and catch Covie at Jackson Medical Supply

Thank you to all the amazing donators who helped us stop the COVID sadness!

All proceeds benefit Opportunity House, Homeless Shelter

Lainey's Furniture, Elaine Cloutier, Serving Cart

School of Rock, Leslie Sliver, 1 Week Summer CampSchool of Rock

Kia Lutte, 5 Star Car Wash (2)

Kia Lutte, Premier Day Spa, Foot Massage

Alexia Lozzi, Back Door Bistro Gift Card.

Stephanie Kneringer, Gift card for XL Zyia Active Jacket

Sady Ancheta, Chetamade Gift Card

Jackson Medical Supply, Debartolo & Co Fine Jewelers Gift Card

Gillespie's Abbey Carpet & Floor, Carpet Cleaning Gift Card

Jennifer House, Holiday Wreath

Denise Smith, Buffalo Wild Wings Gift Card.

Dee Feeney, Stamped by Dee Gift Card

Insynapse Entertainment, 3 Hours of DJ Service w/ lighting

Dunn, Purdy & Co, HomeGoods Gift Card

Hank & Hazels, Hank & Hazels Gift Card

Jaime Moore, Christmas Tree

Lennie Jane Design, Balloon garland, banner, favors & cake topper

Jaimi Lynn Photography, Photography Gift Card

Jessica Callison / KW Vaca Valley, Los Reyes Gift Card

Jessica Callison / KW Vaca Valley, Tacos Jalisco Gift Card

Murillo's, Murillo's Gift Card






















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